School bus camera catches close call with speeding train

A speeding train missed a school bus sitting on the tracks by just a few feet earlier this month, and the parents in Harris County, Texas are understandably incensed. The incident occurred on February 10. The school bus was carrying students from Klein Oak High School when it crossed the train tracks. The video shows the driver did not stop at the crossing, but drove over the tracks with the train coming, then came to a stop. The kids can be heard alerting her to the danger, but she calmly kept the bus in place.

"I guess we'll just sit here for a while," she said. Several students, including 15-year-old Harold Vanalstyne, rushed to the front of the bus to avoid any collision.

"I ran up to the front and braced myself for impact because I knew that if train would have hit us, I would have been dead back there," Vanalstyne told ABC7. "I thought I was going to die. I thought it was going to be the last breath I took." The train passed just a few feet behind the bus. After the incident the driver was immediately suspended, then fired after an investigation. But parents told ABC7 that they want criminal charges against the driver.

"There was a lot of kids' lives in danger there," said Vanalstyne's father. "They could have been gone. All them kids could have been gone. We all know what trains do."

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