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Gordon Murray's city car redesigned with help from Shell

The latest version of the T25 city car debuts at the Beijing Motor Show.

The T25 was thrifty before, but the new version wearing a Shell suit is even fitter.

Gordon Murray, Shell working on 97-mpg Project M concept

It's A 'Rethink' Of The T.27

Gordon Murray and Shell will unveil a small, high-mpg concept urban car called the Project M in November.

Officially Official: Gordon Murray's T.25 city car revealed

Gordon Murray Design T.25 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Zytek teams up with Gordon Murray for T.27, an all-electric version of the T.25

Zytek Automotive has worked on electric drivetrains for the Smart ED and the Mercedes F1 KERS system. This week, Zytek announced a partnership with Gordon Murray Design for a new all-electric city car called the T.27. Gordon Murray is the force Sebastian Blanco

Gordon Murray Design reveals modular seating of T.25

Gordon Murray's iCentre - Click above to enlarge

REPORT: Gordon Murray's T25 to seat three; be larger inside that iQ, Fortwo

There's no guarantee that Gordon Murray's innovative T25 microcar will ever see the light of day. The designer has no intention of actually building the automobile himself – instead, Murray hopes to sell the rights to build the car using his equally impressive (or so we hear) iStream production method to a number of third-party assemblers. Still, development of the machine seems to be moving full steam ahead.

Gordon Murray's T25 will get turbocharged 660cc engine; could come from Apple, Virgin or Sony

It's been a few months since we last heard from Gordon Murray, designer of the legendary McLaren F1 supercar and upcoming (hopefully) T25 city car. Back in February, Murray mentioned that his firm had received interest from over a dozen international companies that could license the car's design and iStream production method to set up franchises selling the innovative machine. Speak

Design and engineering complete on Gordon Murray's T25 city car

According to a report on Autocar, Gordon Murray has received interest from over a dozen international companies that are interested in setting up franchises to sell the innovative T25 city car. Interestingly, very few of the interested parties are actual established automakers. That's a good thing according to Murray, who says, "Our theories and processes are ideal for investors with a clean slate who are gett

Gordon Murray's city car prototype is "weeks away"

The T25, Gordon Murray's take on revolutionizing urban transport – and perhaps driving itself – the same way he did with supercars with his McLaren F1, is almost ready for center stage. Now that the design and engineering has been completed, T25 prototypes are expected on the roads in a few weeks for the next phase of testing.

Will Gordon Murray's microcar be named iStream?

Gordon Murray, the man primarily known for bringing us the McLaren F1 is current working on his 25th clean-sheet design, internally dubbed the T.25. While that's a perfectly acceptable codename for a project, it lacks the kind of catchy cache necessary when the city car hits dealers. So, it's with interest that we read about Murray's trademark requests for the names iStream, iFrame and iCentre in the automotive sector. It's purely speculation, but there's a good chance these monikers may be used

Gordon Murray talks about his 80 mpg T25

Is it possible to make a car that carries 4 people comfortably, meets modern safety standards, provides decent performance and gets 80 mpg for barely more than $10,000? Even more impressive would be to do it without electric or hybrid drive. If it's at all possible, Gordon Murray may well be the man to do it. Murray is one of the most innovative engineers of the past three decades. Like Colin Chapman before him, he believes weight is the enemy. Murray has created plenty of lightweight, high perf

Details on Gordon Murray's T25 continue to leak

2014 is a very long ways off. It's pretty much impossible to predict what the automotive landscape will look like just a few years in advance, let alone a full five years. But, that's exactly what Gordon Murray's design team is trying to do with its latest project, the T25. This twenty-fifth clean-sheet design from Murray is an innovative city car that is supposed to make the most use of the little space that the car has. In fact, the T25 is expected to come in at just 2.4-meters long, which equ

Gordon Murray's T25 could come to the U.S. in 2014

The microcar concept has been around for a long time, but Daimler kick-started its redevelopment with the original smart fortwo. Now, that model's success in the marketplace (if not financially) has prompted such big name players as Toyota and Volkswagen to step up to the plate with innovative new city cars of their own. Toyota's iQ is set to take on the fortwo in Europe any day now and will