The microcar concept has been around for a long time, but Daimler kick-started its redevelopment with the original smart fortwo. Now, that model's success in the marketplace (if not financially) has prompted such big name players as Toyota and Volkswagen to step up to the plate with innovative new city cars of their own. Toyota's iQ is set to take on the fortwo in Europe any day now and will likely hit the States next year. The next player is coming from engineering icon Gordon Murray and his Design team in the form of the unique T25.
Expected to measure in at just over 94-inches long (2.4-meters) and weigh just 1,200-pounds, this is one seriously small car. Many different body styles, primarily made of plastic, are expected to fit on the same basic chassis, including a mini-MPV, pickup truck and convertible. A small, three-cylinder engine is expected to deliver downright amazing fuel economy and low emissions. Murray currently expects the T25 to go on sale in Europe in 2012, with U.S. sales following in as little as two more years. Even if you care nothing of small city cars, you may want to mark that date. And Murray's next project will be an "everyday supercar" that will be sold at a very low price. We can't wait.

[Source: CAR]

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