Is it possible to make a car that carries 4 people comfortably, meets modern safety standards, provides decent performance and gets 80 mpg for barely more than $10,000? Even more impressive would be to do it without electric or hybrid drive. If it's at all possible, Gordon Murray may well be the man to do it. Murray is one of the most innovative engineers of the past three decades. Like Colin Chapman before him, he believes weight is the enemy. Murray has created plenty of lightweight, high performance road and race cars but his latest project, called T25, is designed to also be practical and affordable. Shorter and narrower but taller than an original MINI, it will have to be a triumph of packaging to meet the stated objectives.

Making superlight cars is nothing new. Doing it with materials that don't cost a fortune is the problem. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Murray drops a few hints about the construction. It's a body on frame design with plastic upper end and steel chassis. Murray is keeping most of the car under wraps until they get all the patents lined up. Hopefully the T25 will be unveiled in early 2010.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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