2014 is a very long ways off. It's pretty much impossible to predict what the automotive landscape will look like just a few years in advance, let alone a full five years. But, that's exactly what Gordon Murray's design team is trying to do with its latest project, the T25. This twenty-fifth clean-sheet design from Murray is an innovative city car that is supposed to make the most use of the little space that the car has. In fact, the T25 is expected to come in at just 2.4-meters long, which equals 94.5 inches (around 7' 10") in the U.S. That's really small, and the car is supposedly configurable to suit people of all sizes and shapes.
Interchangeable plastic outer panels will reportedly allow the T25 to come in mini-MPV passenger car, van, pick-up, taxi, police car and convertible flavors. The entire package is expected to weigh just 1,200-pounds, which will allow for extremely high fuel mileage and low emissions. Two years after the car's expected debut in Europe in 2012, Murray hopes that the car will be sold in the U.S. We wonder... will competitors like the seminal fortwo from smart and the new Toyota iQ still be around to do battle?

[Source: Car Magazine]

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