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The era of the over-the-air-updates is really, finally Here

OTA Connect will help add new features to existing cars

Like the weather, everyone talks about over-the-air (OTA) software updates for cars, but no one really does much about it, except for Tesla. Until now. Starting today, Here, the company known for its automotive mapping services, hopes to change this and help keep car electronics current with its new OTA Connect services.

Germany to accept diesel software fix rather than retrofit millions of cars

The agreement gets clinched on Wednesday.

The agreement gets clinched on Wednesday.

Delphi working on Tesla-like updates for past and future cars

Delphi also wants to work with automakers on future products.

Latest Tesla Easter egg turns touchscreen into a sketchpad

Elon Musk shared his favorite user submissions.

Tap the "T" three times to create your masterpiece.

New Tesla Model X Easter egg wishes you a Merry Christmas

It's the Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start for the EV age.


Tesla software 8.0 update can keep your EV cool for a year

The OTA update will be available tonight, for some.

Have pets, don't worry.

Tesla is updating Autopilot to stop inattentive drivers

Version 8.0 software can also guide cars through freeway interchanges.

Whenever it arrives, Tesla's next software update brings important safety improvements.

Tesla update 8.0 makes big changes to Autopilot, nav system

OTA update good for Model S and Model X EVs.

Tesla's new update affects Autopilot, navigation, and the media interface. The wireless update will automatically install overnight.

Should autonomous vehicles save passengers or pedestrians?

That's the question we'll have to face before self-driving cars hit critical mass.

Science takes a look at how people feel about autonomous cars making decisions about what to do in an accident.

Opel admits to using emissions software, but says it's legal

The German government is simply asking for more information, for now.

In a meeting with German regulators, Opel says that, well, yes, it does use emissions-adjusting software, but that this software is totally legal.

Android Auto will soon run on your phone just like any other app

Android Auto will soon run entirely on your phone while offering the same features as if it were connected to your dash.

Tesla Autopilot about to get fleet learning update

Model S's 1.01 Autopilot improvements, which Elon Musk says are coming "soon," will include better road-holding and lane maintenance improvements.

Tesla Model S, X come closer to Autopilot with software 7.0 release

More Autonomous-Driving Features, Better Graphics In Store For Models S, X

Electric vehicle maker is breaking out the software improvements on Thursday.

Tesla Model X gets more autonomous driving features

Plus Multiple Ride Height Modes And Independent Door Control

The Tesla Model X all-electric SUV will have several autonomous driving features, multiple height modes, cold-weather systems, independent door control.

Tesla Model S Autosteer update brings new features

The Car's A Little Quicker, Has Better Climate Control

Electric vehicle maker starts beta-testing for early version of autonomous driving.

More German automakers may be afoul of US emission standards

BMW, Mercedes-Benz Deny That Scandal Applies To Them

According to a report from Europe, BMW, Mercedes and Opel could potentially have diesel engines that don't meet US emissions requirements.

Got a Fisker Karma? Hack it for more driving options

Giving New Meaning To Plugging In

A Fisker Karma community site reveals how to turn on additional driving modes for the extended-range plug-in vehicle.

BMW i3 REx can be hacked to offer more miles, AM radio

These Changes Put Your Warranty At Risk, Of Course

BMW i3 range-extender software for California vehicles can be tweaked to enable larger gas displacement, longer driving range.

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