Tesla Autopilot about to get fleet learning update

Well that was pretty fast. Tesla Motors unveiled its 7.0 software update that included the automaker's newest slate of autopilot features earlier this month, and it's is already at it again. This time, the update is called, surprise, Autopilot 1.01, according to the Twitter feed of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Musk said 1.01 would be coming "soon" and would improve the autopilot's curve-speed adaption as well as lane maintenance and road-holding ability on rough terrain. The biggest improvement, however, may be the so-called "fleet learning," in which data from some autopilot users gets uploaded to the cloud and can be used by the Autopilot system in other cars.

Tesla has said the company wants to have a predominantly self-driving vehicle on the road within three years, so the quick turnaround for the latest batch of improvements makes sense. The 7.0 update came out last month with new features or improvements related to Autopark, Side Collision Warning, Auto Lane Change and Automatic Emergency Steering. While some of the older Model S vehicles lack the sensors required for the amenities, about 60,000 vehicles do have the ability to take on the Autopilot features and updates.

Beyond that, the autopilot feature does remain a work in progress. For instance, Drag Times reported last month that the Model S it was driving on autopilot received a speeding ticket from the Florida Highway Patrol for doing 75 miles per hour in a 60 mph zone. Despite what will likely be regular improvements, Musk didn't say Autopilot 1.01 would be cured of its lead foot. The driver behind the wheel is still responsible for the actions the car takes.

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