Audi shows off an E-Tron scooter, because it can

It could end up as an option for E-Tron electric vehicles

Audi E-Tron scooter
Audi E-Tron scooter / Image Credit: Audi
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BMW has an electric scooter, so why shouldn’t Audi have one too? And so we present you with this: The Audi E-Tron scooter. Yes, Audi has borrowed the same terminology as its electric vehicles, naming the scooter “E-Tron.”

On a full charge, the E-Tron scooter will take you approximately 12.5 miles and has a top speed of 12.5 mph. Perhaps an RS variant is on the way that gets you all the way up to 14.5 mph. The sky is the limit, folks. It’s able to recuperate energy from braking, but also features a hydraulic foot brake for emergency stops.

The most interesting aspect of this scooter is that Audi says it may offer it as an option to folks who buy one of its future E-Tron models. Audi packaged it so you can fold it up, pop it in the trunk and then charge it through a dedicated socket. What’s your benefit here? Well, you won’t be forced to use a Bird or any of the other peasant scooter-mobiles, because you’ll be riding an Audi. The E-Tron scooter should go on sale by the end of 2020, and sales will be to private customers at the beginning for a hefty 2,000 euros.

Due to the scooter’s design, you’ll have a hand hanging out with zero purpose at all times. Use this power as you please. Audi says you could give hand signals, but it didn’t mention what kind. Just be creative.

Of course, you could always just walk, which would be the most environmentally-friendly option of all. And as an added bonus, your fellow pedestrians will thank you when you don’t come whizzing by inches away from them.

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