It's Friday: How not to impress the green car media

AutoblogGreen gets a lot of unsolicited emails. Some give us great tips about the goings-on of the green car industry. Some are uninteresting PR bits that we quietly ignore. Then there are the ones like the following, which we present in a slightly redacted form and with no comment:

Greetings from COMPANY X:

We at COMPANY X, are proud to offer you the opportunity to view are working prototype of our device. The presentation is scheduled for DATE. We will demostrate how are patented device, in conjunction with a Dynamo, can eliminate the need for batteries in your Electric Vehicles, and solve the power and recharging problems.

In order to reserve your space for this opportunity, we are requiring a non-refundable fee in the amount of Twenty Five Thousand dollars ($25,000). Reservation requests and fees must be recived by our office no later than July 22, 2011. Upon receit of your fee, our office manager, MS. X, will be contacting you with flight information.

As part of our presentation package, you will receive aan information packet, which includes details regarding our device, and how our patented device can benifit your company. In addition, you will receive a short DVD of" Maggy" at work to take back with you at the end of the presentation.

Inoder to better assist you, please provide COMPANY X the voltage specifications necessary to operate you Electric Vehicles prior to the presentation.

Thank you for your interset and prompt respounce. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this exciting oppertunity

Okay, so maybe we can't let this go without any comments. Typos are one thing, but the idea of a magic device that powers your electric vehicle without batteries is another. What, are they burning gas or hydrogen to create electricity? That's been done, and we're not paying $25,000 to see another version. At least it's patented and comes with a DVD. So that's something.

[Source: Unnamed | | Image: Marco Bellucci – C.C. License 2.0]

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