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Honda and Ohio State researching robotics to help those with Parkinson's disease

The Michael J. Fox Foundation provided a grant for further development

The Michael J. Fox Foundation provided a grant for further development.

Automakers are hiring more people, despite automation robots

Most publicly traded automakers grew workforce since 2013

An analysis finds 11 of 13 publicly traded automakers grew staff since 2013.

Honda kills off its adorable Asimo humanoid robot

But the technology will live on with useful real-world applications

But the technology will live on with useful real-world applications

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This kind of creepy Ghost Minitaur robot looks freaky fast

This little bot is terrifying or amazing depending on your point of view

GhostRobotics has created a small robot that is capable of jumping obstacles and climbing structures. Ghost Minitaur was developed for scientific research, public safety, and warfare. The all-terrain robot is agile and adaptable to its surroundings. Learn more at ghostrobotics.io Transcript: This robot looks freaky fast. Ghost Minitaur from GhostRobotics is a lightweight unmanned robot. Developed for scientific research, public safety, and warfare. This all-terrain robot is able to

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Mech suit racing is coming

Mech tech is apparently the new hotness

Transcript: Mech suit racing is coming. Furrion exo-bionics has created what they call the world's first racing mech. Designed to compete in the X1 mech racing league. No word when this league will begin.

Cute Honda robots coming to 2018 CES

Plus a portable, swappable EV battery pack and a recharging system.

Plus a portable, swappable battery pack for EVs and a recharging system.

Volkswagen, Kuka cooperate on robots for electric, autonomous cars

They're working on a system to make EVs plug themselves in.

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Cassie Two-Legged Delivery Bot | Autoblog Minute

Agility Robotics created a two-legged delivery robot named Cassie.

A South Korean robotics company just built a real Gundam

It makes the Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader look like a child's toy.

Tanks are so 20th century.

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Disneys One-Legged Hopping Robot | Autoblog Minute

Disney Research Hub focuses on robot-human interaction and robotic travel. Their latest creation is a one-legged autonomous robot that can jump 19 times for 7 seconds.

Woman on walk in the woods comes across robot

A woman in Boston accidentally stumbled upon something unnatural lurking in the forest as she walked her dog on a nature trail.

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Dogo The Killer Tactical Robot From General Robotics | Autoblog Minute

The Dogo is a lightweight tactical robot from General Robotics. It's designed for SWAT, law enforcement, and other first responding teams.

Toyota hires team of experts for billion-dollar AI lab

Paving The Way For A Robotic Future

The Toyota Research Institute announces the first hires for its technical team working on artificial intelligence and robotics.

2016 Chevy Volt auctioned off to help the robots

FIRST Robotics Program Has Been Around Since 1989

Organizers hope to get about $40,000 for the second-generation extended-range plug-in vehicle.

Toyota invests $1 billion in US for two AI and robotics labs

Toyota believes that autonomous tech is the future, the company will invest $1 billion over the next five years to create AI and robotics research labs on both coasts.

DARPA program allows quadriplegic woman to control F-35 simulator

A DARPA program has allowed a quadriplegic woman with no flight training experience to control an F-35 simulator using nothing but her thoughts.

Ex-Ford and Carbon Motors exec working on robot security guards

Back in 2003, former Ford executive William Santana Li and former police officer Stacey Dean founded Carbon Motors, a company that designed a purpose-built diesel police car that recently Damon Lowney

Toyota developing Asimo rival for the disabled

Robots are here to stay, and all signs point to there being more "everyday" mechanized friends that will specialize in doing different things for different people. In addition to its work on the Partner Robot, Toyota is developing a Human Support Robot (HSR) to assist the elderly at home. The cylindrical, 70-pound HSR can be controlled by voice, just like children and grandchildren,

Freddie Ford predates Asimo by 34 years

So how's this for a way to celebrate National Robotics Week? Ford has dug up some photos and press releases from the late 1960s featuring "Freddie Ford," a quasi-robot made out of auto parts that entertained crowds on the auto show circuit.

Translogic goes for a walk with MABEL the walking robot

Our sister site Translogic visits the University of Michigan in their latest episode to check out a bipedal robot named MABEL. While other similar robots like ASIMO (built by Honda), and the Partner Robots (from Toyota) have wowed crowds with t

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