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You can buy this Robocop Ford Taurus police car replica

But you can't buy it for a dollar.

The eBay Buy It Now price for this Robocop Taurus replica is a penny under $5,000.

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Knightscope Heads to New York | Autoblog Minute

The Silicon Valley startup Knightscope went to New York to launch their Mini-IPO.

Just when you thought Grand Theft Auto IV couldn't get cooler... RoboCop mod happens

Winter isn't officially here yet, but it's starting to get darker earlier, and for large swathes of the US, it's pretty cold too. Those two factors keep a lot of people indoors for much of the season. There are few ways better of staving off cabin fever than picking up a controller and burning through the chilly season with a video game. You don't need the latest and greatest console either, just check out this cool Robocop mod for

NHTSA enlists Robocop to help curb drunk driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would like you to know that when eggnog and Christmas cheer get the best of you this season, driving is the last thing you should do, and it has enlisted the mercenary services of Robocop to remind you. In a $7.5-million ad campaign, at least.

Ex-Ford and Carbon Motors exec working on robot security guards

Back in 2003, former Ford executive William Santana Li and former police officer Stacey Dean founded Carbon Motors, a company that designed a purpose-built diesel police car that recently Damon Lowney

The people of Detroit want a RoboCop statue [w/poll]

What do you think Detroit is best known for? Cars? Motown music? Or RoboCop? A growing grassroots movement is insisting the latter, as support grows for erecting a statue in honor of the 80's cult movie icon.

Classified Find of the Day: Robocop 3 Ford Taurus cop car

There was a Robocop 3? Apparently so, it even had theatrical release, but it should have gone directly to video. The most memorable thing from the Robocop franchise, at least for us, were the Taurus police cars. They featured prominently in all of the installments, 3 included. Now for those of us who had the Dan Roth