Report: Detroit's RoboCop statue now fully funded

Despite a lack of local political support, Detroit's citizens are a big step closer to getting a RoboCop statue. According to Autoblog sister site City's Best, Motown's RoboCop statue is now fully funded thanks to a massive $25,000 donation from a mom-and-pop organization by the name of Omni Consumer Products. The company sells movie products that are brought off of the silver screen and straight to life, and it borrows its name from the evil corporation in the RoboCop world. How's that for fitting?

The OCP donation officially put the statue's fund into the green, which means that work should kick off on the project sometime soon. The despite what seems to be a massive tide of support, the statue isn't without its detractors, though.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has made it clear that he's against the idea of erecting a tribute to the movie icon, and previous efforts to do the same have ultimately petered out. But with someone now ready to foot the bill for the statue, it seems more likely than ever that the post-apocalyptic law enforcement figure will soon be a new city landmark.

[Source: CitysBest | Image: Orion Pictures]

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