Winter isn't officially here yet, but it's starting to get darker earlier, and for large swathes of the US, it's pretty cold too. Those two factors keep a lot of people indoors for much of the season. There are few ways better of staving off cabin fever than picking up a controller and burning through the chilly season with a video game. You don't need the latest and greatest console either, just check out this cool Robocop mod for Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC.

Made by modder JulioNIB, the work drops the ED-209 robot from Robocop directly into GTAIV. You can control the bot directly, let it play bodyguard for your character or just let it go on a complete rampage. Let's hope it negotiates stairs better than the film version, though.

Now, the game just needs the 6000 SUX and some Ford Taurus police cars to complete the look of the film. JulioNIB wants to eventually add the ED-209 into Grand Theft Auto V, as well. Scroll down to see two videos of the robot in action.

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