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Truck Driver Experiences Instant Karma In Road Rage Video

Tailgating driver loses control of truck after speeding down slick road

A Florida woman caught a moment of instant karma Monday when the large truck that had been tailgating her small car spun out and crashed into a medium.

Impatient Woman Uses Mazda To Push Taxi Out Of Her Way

Crowd cheered as driver repeatedly hit cab from behind

A woman in the nightlife district of Medellin, Colombia didn't feel like waiting for the taxi in front of her car to move.

Study Finds Men And Women React Different In Road Rage Situations

Women are more likely to swear and flip the bird, men are more likely to key a car

A new study on bad driving behavior from Insurance.com investigated how we react when we engage in road rage and found that women and men react differently.

Enraged Driver Steers Wrong Way Down Highway

He was trying to keep up with a driver, on the other side of the highway, who'd cut him off

An angry driver was caught on camera as he drove eastbound down the westbound lane in a fit of road rage.

Race Car Driver Rages On The Track

Loser is dragged along the track after attacking fellow driver

If professional racecar drivers, who presumably get cut off all the time, experience road rage then what hope is there for the rest of us?

Man Caught On Camera Throwing Cans, Yelling Racial Slurs At Another Driver

The victim says the driver was yelling racist slurs

This video shows how ugly people can be toward other drivers. Driver and Reddit user affirmationuncertain was the victim of racist-tinged road rage on the freeways outside of Los Angeles this weekend, and he caught it all on camera.

Road Rage Brawl Between Trucker And Driver Caught On Camera

A truck driver threatened a commuter with lead pipe, threw something at his car

This video serves as a startling reminder that road rage can escalate quickly into a life threatening situation. In a incident that spanned three freeways in Huntington Beach, Calif., a big rig driver threw something at Richard Brun, a commuter heading down the 605 freeway.

Motorist Flees Accident With Man Trapped On Hood

Police in Georgia still searching for suspect

A fender-bender in Roswell, Ga. could have had fatal consequences over the weekend.

Road-Rage Jousting Between Two Cars Caught On Video

One driver runs another off road, nearly causes big crash

A truck driver with a dash cam captured footage of a brazen road-rage assault between two vehicles.

Road Rage And Guns Quickly Become A Deadly Mix

Economic and ultural changes driving road rage

Road rage is a problem in the U.S., so much so that several states have initiated public service campaigns urging motorists to calm down. What makes the incidents even worse is when, as is often the case, one motorist has a gun.

Video Shows Instigator Of Road-Rage Incident In Walmart Parking Lot

Georgia woman clearly rammed teenager who had been saving parking space, police say

Last week, we brought you the story of a confrontation between a Georgia school board member and teenager in a Walmart parking lot.

Woman Rams Pedestrian With Her Car In Altercation Over Parking Space

Road-rage victim had wanted to save spot for pregnant friend

What started as a kind gesture for a pregnant friend ended with a road-rage altercation in a Walmart parking lot.

"He Was Going Berserk At Me Again"

Dashcam captures footage of irate motorist attacking car in road-rage incident

One moment, Ken Olsen was uneventfully driving down a highway. The next, an angry motorist was purposely rear-ending him and making rude gestures.

Video: Motorist Opens Fire On Car After Fender Bender

Road rage gets taken to the extreme

Road rage can come in many forms. Sometimes it's cursing, other times honking the horn loudly. In some more serious cases, fights break out. But things went to the extreme in Russia as a motorist opened fire on a passing car following a fender bender.

Former Ohio State Football Player Charged In Road-Rage Shooting

James Stillwagon charged in incident that took place in Columbus suburb

A former Ohio State football player pulled a gun and shot another driver during a road-rage incident in suburban Columbus on Sunday, according to authorities.

Road-Rage Incident Ends With Shooting In Police Station Parking Lot

Officers heard shot as they exited building to investigate report of fight

A road-rage altercation between two motorcyclists and a man driving a car north of Minneapolis ended with one man shot in the face. Police in Isanti, Minn. quickly apprehended a suspect – because the shooting took place in the police department parking lot.

As Cities Add Bike-Friendly Lanes, Police On Lookout For Road Rage Incidents

Motorist sparks debate with photo of helmet less cyclist on highway

We all know about road rage when the incident involves motorist versus motorist. But there are increasing incidents of road rage motorist against bicyclists.

Road Rage Incident Led To Fatal Shooting In Houston

If confronted by an angry driver, here's some tips on how you can stay safe

A Texas woman on her way to work fatally shot another motorist she said attacked her after a minor collision in northwest Harris County near Houston, officials said. The incident is yet another tragic example of road rage that has been rising in the U.S.

Cyclists Turn To Cams To Record Road-Rage Episodes

One biking organization says hostility from drivers is on the rise

Chris Davis is a bike messenger in car-centric Houston. He's been called every epithet in the book, had motorists wait behind him, revving their engines, sometimes coming within inches of his wheels.

Why This U.S. City Has Fallen Under Road Rage Spotlight

Local police attribute more than 900 accidents in past 5 years to road rage

A minor fender-bender left two motorists uninjured along a Houston highway earlier this month. The argument and shooting that followed left a young man brain damaged, possibly forever.

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