A truck driver with a dash cam captured footage of a brazen road-rage assault between two vehicles.

Frustrated that he couldn't pass slower drivers along a two-lane road, the driver of a black Mitsubishi Lancer swerves into a Mazda 323 in an adjacent lane. As you'll see in the video above, moments later, things get a whole lot worse when the Mazda driver decides to strike back.

Nobody was injured in the incidents, according to local news reports, but a three-car crash with opposite-direction traffic was averted, seemingly by inches. The accident above took place on Feb. 21 in Perth, Australia.

AOL Autos offers these tips to avoid being victimized by road rage:

- If someone is shaking their fist and making threatening gestures, the best move you can make is pull over and let them get away from you, or turn off of your route to get away from the other car. The best way to avoid a fight is to leave it before it starts. If you are late to your destination, so be it.

- If someone has left their vehicle and is confronting you on foot outside of your car, get your doors locked. Calm yourself and turn away. If you have your phone, dial 911 and let the responder know that the police are coming.

-Do not retaliate against a road-rage instigator. You have no idea whether the person has a weapon. Be smart. Try to leave the area of the instigator as quickly and safely as possible. Call 911 as fast as possible.

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