WARNING: Video Below Contains Graphic Language

This video shows how ugly people can be toward other drivers. Driver and Reddit user affirmationuncertain was the victim of racist-tinged road rage on the freeways outside of Los Angeles this weekend, and he caught it all on camera.

The Huffington Post says the the dash cam video shows a man driving recklessly and cutting off other drivers on the 10 East and 110 North freeways. The driver eventually targets his anger at affimationuncertain. Eventually the other driver, who had Illinois license plates, starts throwing drink cans at affimationuncertain's car and taking any opportunity to cut him off and shout racial slurs.

The slurs were "the usual Asian insults," affirmationuncertain said in his Reddit post. "It made me sad how unoriginal they were."

The other driver starts throwing things at the first car around the 2 minute mark, and around the 4:20 mark he leans out of his car and starts yelling at the car with the dash cam. The scene heats up again at the 6:50 mark, when the erratic driver cuts off the first car and starts yelling at him again. Around 7:27 minutes in the offending driver actually gets out of his car, runs up and seems to strike the filming car before running back to his own vehicle. In an update yesterday affimationuncertain claimed that California Highway Patrol took a look at the video, ran the offending car's plates and had identified the suspect.

Road Rage can quickly devolved into physical violence, such as this encounter also in California of a truck driver and commuter squaring off. The best policy when confronted with angry drivers is to drive away and don't engage, but as affimationuncertain found even keeping your own cool doesn't always help.

WARNING: Video Contains Graphic Language

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