Enraged Driver Steers Wrong Way Down Highway

He was trying to keep up with a driver, on the other side of the highway, who'd cut him off

An angry driver was caught on camera as he drove eastbound down the westbound lane in a fit of road rage. Commuters in Suffolk County, N.Y., could do nothing but dodge the driver as he weaved in and out of oncoming traffic.

Donato Sangemino told CBS 2 the offending driver was furious after he cut him off near a construction area. The enraged driver tried to keep up with the Sangemino, who was heading the right way on the other side of the highway. According to Sachem Patch that's when Sangemino began recording the encounter on his cellphone. The furious driver sped for more than two miles going the wrong way down Route 454 Veterans Memorial Highway so he could direct a stream of profanity at Sangemino. He eventually pulled over to the shoulder and seems to throw something in Sangemino's direction.

Sangemino admitted to egging the man on by responding to the rage with offensive hand signals and language, some of which you can hear on the recording. According to Sachem Patch police released a statement saying they are investigating the incident and are considering charges of reckless endangerment. Police encourage drivers not to engage angry fellow motorists, but rather keep eyes forward and report any incidents to police. Road rage can quickly escalate into physical violence, like this brawl that stopped traffic on the highway in Huntington Beach, Calif.

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