This video serves as a startling reminder that road rage can escalate quickly into a life threatening situation. In a incident that spanned three freeways in Huntington Beach, Calif., a big rig driver harassed a commuter while heading down the 605 freeway.

"He drove up next to me, threw some type of glass object at my vehicle. It blew up on my vehicle and then I proceeded and I called 911," said Brun told KABC Los Angeles.

The truck drive continued to egg Brun on, eventually threatening him with a lead pipe. That's when Brun got out of his car in an attempt to hold the truck driver until police help arrived. Another driver, Daniel Foote, recorded the fight.

Officers eventually arrived on scene and arrested the truck driver, and the truck driver was arrested on assault charges.

Road Rage isn't the epidemic problem that is sometimes portrayed in the media, but it's still very real. To avoid potentially dangerous situations with unhinged drivers it's best to ignore the aggressor rather than return in kind and escalate the situation.

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