Impatient Woman Uses Mazda To Push Taxi Out Of Her Way

Crowd cheered as driver repeatedly hit cab from behind

Skip to 0:25 for crash

Car Physics 101: What happens when an unstoppable drunk meets an immovable taxi? A lot of smashing.

Gawker reported a woman in the nightlife district of Medellin, Colombia, didn't feel like waiting for the taxi in front of her car to move. She gave the cab an extra boost by moving it herself, using the front end of her Mazda to repeatedly rear-end the cab. The driver even backed up before hitting the gas for maximum effect. After several collisions she made one final push and dislodged the taxi, pushing it out into the intersection.

She sped off into the night while fellow partiers cheered and capture video of the distressed taxi with their phones. Eventually one person tears himself way from documenting the crash to check on the driver of the taxi, who appears to wave away any help.

Perhaps she should have been in the cab, rather than ramming into it, as Gawker reports she was allegedly drunk at the time.

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