A former Ohio State football player pulled a gun and shot another driver during a road-rage incident in suburban Columbus on Sunday, according to authorities.

James Stillwagon, 63, was arrested and charged with felonious assault for allegedly shooting Richard Mattingly, 41, in the head. Mattingly said a bullet, one of at least five fired, grazed him. He was treated and left an area hospital.

In an interview with NBC4 in Columbus, the victim said the altercation started on U.S. Route 42 in Delaware, Ohio, when his pickup truck began malfunctioning and he couldn't explain to the motorcyclist that he wasn't intentionally slowing down.

"He made all kinds of offensive hand gestures, and I was trying to say I'm sorry, my truck is not functioning. I'm not messing with you, I'm really not, but I don't think he got it," Mattingly told the TV station.

Stillwagon played for the Buckeyes when they won the 1968 national championship.

The case was one of several recent high-profile road-rage cases, including another over the weekend in Minnesota, in which a man was shot in a police-station parking lot following a road-rage incident.

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