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Rimac CEO rules out SUVs, says brand will stay focused on supercars

Meanwhile, the production version of the C_Two will be at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show

1,914-hp Rimac C_Two drives straight into a wall as production nears

The firm is in the process of homologating its electric hypercar

Hyundai Group invests $90 million in Rimac to develop electric halo cars

Collaboration will deliver two EV prototypes in 2020 intended for market

Collaboration will deliver two EV prototypes in 2020 intended for market.

Rimac goes in-depth on the C_Two's ultra-tech aero testing

The lowest achieved drag coefficient was 0.28

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Rimac C_Two California Edition gets drunk on its power at Monterey Car Week

EV supercar delivers 12 liters of champagne in the trunk

EV supercar delivers 12 liters of champagne in the trunk.

Pininfarina teases its Tesla- and Bugatti-baiting EV supercar

The PF0 will boast massive horsepower and a mega price

The PF0 Concept will boast massive horsepower and a mega price

Porsche buys stake, plans to partner with EV supercar maker Rimac

They hope to develop a technical partnership

They hope to develop a technical partnership.

Automobili Pininfarina’s PF-Zero will be all-electric, ultra-fast

What you'll get for $2.5 million, and plans for SUVs to come

One thing potential customers of Automobili Pininfarina's circa-$2.5-million, 250 mph electric hypercar can be rest assured of: It should look good. "Above all it must be beautiful," Italian design director Luca Borgogno told a small gathering of the world's press at the exclusive launch of the new car brand in Rome, on the eve of the first-ever Formula E race there last week.

Mahindra's Automobili Pininfarina now officially a standalone EV brand

First up: a 1,500-hp electric hypercar in 2020

Indian automaker Mahindra has announced the launch of Automobili Pininfarina, a new standalone sustainable luxury vehicle brand, with plans for a new electric hypercar in 2020.

Pininfarina becomes automaker brand, plans to launch electric lineup

EVs will battle Chiron, Urus, Cayenne, Macan with Rimac's help

A little while ago we wrote about ItalDesign's Zerouno supercar, which is sold under the company's own brand name. Another design house, Pininfarina, will also become a carmaker brand, as it prepares to launch a hypercar with Mahindra investments backing it up.

1,900-hp Rimac C_Two electric supercar is Richard Hammond-proof

After fiery Concept_One crash, the successor gets cheeky new safety gear.

Richard Hammond had his own clever response to the jab from Rimac.

McLaren's electric supercars are not quite there yet

Won't rush an EV to market that doesn't meet its performance standards

Hybrid tech is where it's at.

Rimac C_Two electric hypercar debuts at almost 2,000 horsepower

The rest of the numbers are full-on bonkers, too

The Rimac C_Two has the sensor suite for eventual Level 4 autonomous driving.

Rimac Concept Two packing a 120-kWh battery and Level 4 autonomy

Elon Musk's future plans impact the Croatian electric car's spec sheet.

Will it be enough to out-duel the next Tesla Roadster?

Rimac Concept Two electric hypercar teased

Croatian automaker's second supercar will debut in Geneva

Rimac teases its second electric hypercar, the Concept Two, coming to this year's Geneva Motor Show.

Hillclimb organizers fined $5,000 for Richard Hammond's Rimac hypercar crash

It's a little unclear what the race organizers did wrong.

Video shows point of impact in Richard Hammond's Rimac crash

Rimac founder said the car traveled nearly 1,000 feet.

Riding the Rimac-powered Greyp G12S electric bicycle in Croatia | AutoblogVR

Translogic's Bucko hits 50 mph.

We ride the Greyp G12S Electric Bicycle in Croatia.

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