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How to clean your car radio | Autoblog Details

Don't mess up your tunes

Autoblog Details: Clean your car's stereo the right way

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Car stereos | Autoblog's 4 favorites

Looking for the best radio to blast your favorite songs through? Here are our favorites.

Looking for the perfect car stereo to kick out the jams? Here is a list of some of our favorites.

How to Choose Speakers for Your Car Stereo

If you spend a lot of time in your car, then you understand the importance of the stereo system.

How to Unlock a Chevrolet Theftlock Radio

Theftlock is a theft prevention system designed into GM-brand radios starting in the mid-1990’s.

How to Install a Head Unit on a Stereo

Virtually all vehicles built in the past fifty years come with some sort of audio entertainment system as standard equipment.

How to Listen to CDs in a Car Without a CD Player

While the primary purpose of driving your car is to get from Point A to Point B, you might as well enjoy the process, especially if you have a lengthy commute.

How to Get Better Sound Out of the System in Your Car

With factory sound systems getting better and better, it isn’t always necessary to replace the system for ultra-high quality sound.

How to Connect Your iPod to a Car Stereo

You don’t have to break the bank upgrading your vehicle’s factory stereo just to listen to your iPod’s or MP3 player’s music.

How to Buy a Car Stereo Head Unit

Car audio is big business with seemingly limitless options for upgrading and improving your sound system.

Americans kick it old school: 84% still listen to AM/FM in car

A recent study finds that 84 percent of Americans still use the AM/FM radio in their car, and 67 percent listen to it as their main form of audio while behind the wheel.

Will car radios disappear by 2020?

The Detroit News reports it may not be long before AM/FM radios disappear from cars altogether. The newspaper spoke with Thilo Koslowski, vice president for the research firm Gartner, Inc., who said that "AM and FM as a delivering mechanism isn't going to be the most important in cars anymore." According to Koslowski, manufacturers will focus their efforts on smartphone integration as well as internet browsing an

Navsop working on coin-sized GPS rival that navigates using wifi and TV signals

A British company is working on a new navigation system that doesn't rely on GPS satellites to track your location. BAE has created Navsop, a device that picks up errant cell phone, radio and television signals to deduce your coordinates, which means it can be used in locations where traditional GPS can't. For example, Zach Bowman

GM expanding Pause and Play Radio to two new vehicles

Here's another feature you can include in the 2011 Buick Regal purchase price: Pause and Play radio. It's already a feature on some of General Motors' higher-end vehicles like the Buick LaCrosse and

CES 2009 Preview: Internet radio in the car

At next week's Consumer Electronics Show, Blaupunkt and miRoamer will announce the first in-dash Internet radio receiver. The press release we received says the radios will be offered as "built-in original equipment" but doesn't go into detail about what automakers will offer the system or even how the radios receive the data.

Better sound in Volvos: HD radio standard in 2009

Since the debut of the original C70, and even before, Volvo's had a hi-fi fetish. That first C70 debuted the idea of in-car surround, running a Pro Logic head unit with available Dynaudio drivers arranged around the cabin. Volvo wants to continue offering its customers a euphonic experience, so they're equipping virtually all 2009 models with HD Radio receivers beginning in late 2008. HD Radio offers expanded programming, like the satellite services, but there's no fee. The selection may vary by

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