Wow, this is strange. The video is a Fox News radio PSA with tips on changing your habits to help combat climate change. Well... not climate change exactly. The PSA actually says even if you disagree with the concept of global warming you can still be more thoughtful and change those wasteful ways. Fox knows its audience.

The PSA, at about 1 minute and 45 seconds into the video, actually has tips for green driving. A tune up can save you 4 percent. Air filter 10 percent. Inflated tires help. They even talk about UPS trucks avoiding left turns. It's all apart of something called Cool Change but I can't seem to find too much (link is to pdf) about it. [Editor's note: try here]

Along with car tips, the PSAs also suggests buying Silent Spring and Gore's book. Water saving tips like rain barrels... all from a network that has consistently denied global warming. Rupert Murdoch is actually very green. News Corp is carbon neutral.

[Source: Youtube]

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