What if you could update your classic car with modern tech, without losing the style that you've come to love? Porsche now has a solution for owners of old 911s. Starting in October 2010, owners will be able to retrofit their cars with the Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System (Part # 911 645 910 00), which packages a display screen fitted into a form factor that is an exact fit for the original factory radio's location. Round knobs keep appearances in line with that classic Porsche aesthetic, but the technology is purely 21st century.

The unit will retail for €595,00 plus VAT (around $776 USD before taxes at current exchange rates). Considering what Porsche gets for some of the options on its modern cars, the neo-retro nav unit's price seems pretty good. We understand a desire for modern conveniences in older cars, and the Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System may be an answer to the prayers of some 911 enthusiasts since it obviates the need for a less desirable aftermarket solution. (Of cource, one could always just stick a portable GPS unit on the windshield...)

According to MotoBullet, the Classic Radio Navigation System is designed to fit Porsche 911s from from model years 1963 to 1977 (it might also fit the Porsche 914). They go on to suggest that this nav unit may also work with firstgeneration Porsche 912s, but those guys are already going too slow to care where they're heading. (We kid, we kid... out of jealousy.)

[Source: Porsche via MotoBullet]

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