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Question of the Day: What is the most metal car ever?

In order to fend off accusations that your metal is weak, you need the right car.

What would Horgh drive? You must choose the most metal car, or be expelled from the skeletal, frostbitten winter forest forever.

Question of the Day: Bare minimum acceptable horsepower?

Is there a horsepower number for new cars that's a line in the sand for you? How low is it?

Question of the Day: Time remaining for internal combustion?

Our friend the internal-combustion engine may not be with us forever.

Electric cars, atomic cars, perpetual-motion cars, carts pulled by robot mules – someday, they may replace the good old internal-combustion engine.

Question of the Day: Should French cars return to America?

Renaults and Citro├źns and Peugeots once roamed American streets. Do you want them back?

Simca and Panhard are gone, but the Renault, Peugeot, and Citroën marques still exist. Could (or should) they be brought back to the United States?

Question of the Day: Most fun under 100 horsepower?

These days, even the Yaris has more than 100 horses. Is it possible to have fun with less? Which sub-100hp car was (or is) the most fun?

Question of the Day: Most futuristic car ever?

Which car looked and drove the furthest ahead of its time?

The Chrysler Airflow looked futuristic but drove like 1934. Many have copied the Mini's layout but it looked frumpy. What car leaped ahead more than all others?

Junkyard Gem: 1977 Chrysler Cordoba with Corinthian Leather

For the millionth time, it was SOFT Corinthian Leather, not RICH Corinthian Leather

Somewhere, Ricardo Montalban sheds a tear for the distressed state of this land yacht.

Question of the Day: Most miserable econobox of all time?

All are cheap, all are efficient, some are more punitive than others.

The econobox as we know it has been with us since the early 1970s. Which one was (or is) the worst?

Question of the Day: Greatest V8 engine ever?

Let's try a hard one!

The V8 engine design has been with us for well over a century, and we have hundreds to choose from when deciding on the best one.

Question of the Day: Best obscure road-trip song?

What's your favorite road-trip song? Here's the caveat: It needs to be an obscure cut, like Bo Diddley's Aztec.

Question of the Day: What's the creepiest car ever?

The car that just makes your skin crawl.

Some cars are creepy due to association with serial killers or other baddies, while others just cause discomfort with their appearance.

Question of the Day: Best forgotten straight-six engine?

Think beyond the M20 and Slant-6.

Straight-six engines have been installed in fast cars, reliable cars, and miserable cars for many decades. Which lesser-known one deserves more recognition?

Question of the Day: Ever consider driving a minivan?

Minivans are very useful vehicles, but they come with serious stigma.

When a minivan best meets your needs, are you willing to be seen in one?

Question of the Day: Best recipient for supercharged GM V6?

The ubiquitous supercharged GM 3800 will bolt into many vehicles. What's the best swap for it?

Available on many GM cars of the 1990s and 2000s and now dirt cheap in junkyards, the Eaton-blown 3800 has plenty of bolt-in or near-bolt-in recipients.

Question of the Day: Coolest engine-displacement badge ever?

They're just about all metric now, but this does not preclude coolness.

During the engine-displacement arms race, car companies vied for the raciest-looking numerical badges. What's the best one?

Question of the Day: Greatest hood ornament of all time?

Just about every car used to have a hood ornament, but now they're nearly extinct.

From leaping carnivores to flying princesses, the automotive world has produced some great hood ornaments. What's the best?

Question of the Day: What are the best-, worst-sounding V6 engines?

It has always been difficult to make a V6 sound good.

Getting a good sound out of a V6 isn't easy. Some companies have pulled off the feat; others didn't even try.

Question Of The Day: Would any Americans buy a small pickup?

We mean a genuinely small pickup, not the behemoths sold here today.

There was once a time when Americans had their pick of small-but-useful pickups. Would we tolerate them today?

Question Of The Day: What's your car for the Year of Your Birth Rally?

In This Imaginary Rally, You Must Bring A Car From Your Personal Model Year

Born in 1927? You can drive a Ford Model A in this rally! Born in 1996? Subaru SVX!

Question Of The Day: Worst Craigslist nightmare?

Buying Or Selling, Cars Or Parts, We've All Had Bad Craigslist Experiences

Buyers that demand a lifetime warranty. Sellers who lie. Flakes who don't show up. What's your worst car-related Craigslist experience?

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