Question of the Day: What are the best-, worst-sounding V6 engines?

It has always been difficult to make a V6 sound good.

Working for the 24 Hours of LeMons race series, I spend many of my weekends serenaded by 50 to 220 horribly abused engines screaming, bellowing, roaring, mooing, groaning, or clattering. Many of those engines are V6s, ranging from primitive pushrod 90° Buick V6s to excessively complex 21st-century Audi V6s, and just about all of them sound terrible under WFO conditions with all the honk-boxes and factory air cleaners removed.

Still, the 2.5-liter Mazda K sounds pretty good, and all the variations of the Alfa Romeo V6 used in the Milano and 164 sound glorious. On the negative side, General Motors 60° V6s, from the earliest 2.8s through today's HFV6 family, emit a consonant-heavy racket similar to those that come from a low-end vacuum cleaner choking on one of those fat rubber bands that come on bunches of cauliflower. Your turn now – name the best- and worst-sounding V6s you've ever heard!

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