Starting in the late 1950s and reaching its peak around the early 1970s, many automobile manufacturers plastered badges boasting of engine displacement all over their products. As was the case with tailfins, emission-control hardware, and cup holders, Detroit led the way but the Europeans and Japanese went along to a certain extent, and you'll still see the occasional displacement badge on new cars today.

1966 Rambler Classic 287 Badge

My personal favorites are the rarely-seen displacement badges used by American Motors on their V8s of the 1960s. The AMC 327 and 390 engines often get mistaken for Chevrolet and Ford V8s of the same nominal displacements, respectively, but the hard-to-find Rambler 287-cubic-inch V8 badge makes my day when I find one.

1970 Cadillac Eldorado 8.2 Litre badge

The metric system is all scientific and stuff, but would Shakespeare have used it? Hell no! Still, once you get above 8 liters, as in the case with the 1970-76 Cadillac 500-cubic-inch V8, displacement-badge coolness is attained. What's your favorite?

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