Question of the Day: Most miserable econobox of all time?

All are cheap, all are efficient, some are more punitive than others.

A sensible little squared-off transportation appliance, bought for cheap, letting the world know you don't squander your hard-earned clams on frivolity such as comfort or power: the econobox. Since the first Fiestas, Omnis, Rabbits, and all the rest appeared on our streets in the 1970s, we have seen many types of econoboxes come and go. Some have been fun to drive, some have been exceptionally efficient, and some have been amazingly reliable.

Others have been across-the-board vile machines. Even taking such noisome heaps as the first-gen Hyundai Excel and Yugo GV into account, I'm going to say the most miserable econobox ever sold in the United States was the Subaru Justy with front-wheel-drive and the CVT transmission option. It had three clattery cylinders making 66 horsepower, a screechy random-ratio-selecting CVT wasting about 62 of those horses, shopping-cart ride quality, and push-it-off-a-cliff reliability. Your opinion may differ. What do you say?

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