Question Of The Day: What's your car for the Year of Your Birth Rally?

In This Imaginary Rally, You Must Bring A Car From Your Personal Model Year

A few years ago, 24 Hours of LeMons organizer and automotive journalist Nick Pon, after participating in the California Melee, came up with the idea of a rally in which each participant must drive a vehicle that was new in the year of their birth. He was born in 1980, so of course his choices aren't going to be quite as great as options available to those born a decade before or after, but there has always been some great machinery sold every year since Karl Benz's first car hit the road. I was born in 1966, so I think I'd bring an Alfa Romeo Giulia SS to this rally, whenever Mr. Pon gets around to organizing it. Why? Just look at it!

Of course, an Alfa SS comes with a pretty steep price tag. In the real world, a '66 Mercury Comet Cyclone clone (shown above), complete with 428 swap and 4-speed, would get the job done as well at about a quarter the price. OK, your turn – what would you drive in the Year of Your Birth Rally?

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