Question of the Day: What is the most metal car ever?

In order to fend off accusations that your metal is weak, you need the right car.

There's speed metal, and black metal, and death metal, and good old heavy metal, and cars are important symbols in just about every brutal, blood-spattered, hellfire-scented shadowy corner of the metal universe. At first glance, a primer-gray second-generation General Motors F-body with a tunnel-ram intake protruding about 16 inches above the hood would appear to be sufficiently metal for, say, Lemmy Kilmister or Dimebag Darrell. But wait— the first car Sammy Hagar bought after he wrote "Rock Candy" and got his first rockstar paycheck was a Citroën 2CV, and Bon Scott's extremely metal death took place in a Renault 5. Perhaps a metal car need not be fast or even evil-looking! We must consider, in addition, the cars of the most metal region of the world: Scandinavia. That's why I'm saying the most metal car is the Volvo 240. Your opinion may differ. Sound off in the comments.

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