We have discussed great four-cylinder engines here recently, and it would be easy for us to move right along to the great inline six-cylinder engines as a next step. However, rather than go on about the Jaguar XK6 or BMW M88, we ought to give some recognition to one of the many great L6s that never got the attention it deserved. There's the Chrysler Hemi-6, for example, an Australian-market-only line of Detroit-designed sixes from the 1970s that made V8 power and would have been just the thing for livening up American Darts and Valiants after fuel economy became important.

Pontiac OHC Six engine

My vote goes to the Pontiac OHC six, which was a very advanced 230- or 250-cubic-inch engine developed during the reign of John DeLorean and installed for just a few years in the late-1960s Tempest, LeMans, and Firebird. It wasn't any cheaper than a V8, so American buyers weren't much interested at the time, but the OHC and its hot-rodded Sprint sibling could have done great things in a lightweight sporty car. What's your choice?

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