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But only when you're driving a car.

These augmented reality heads-up displays could be a big help for avoiding crashes.


Driver Thought Car Had Pedestrian-Detection System; It Didn't

A Volvo salesperson recently attempted to demonstrate the XC60 City Safety system to a group of prospective car buyers. What the dealer didn't understand was the safety system, which helps avoid or mitigate collisions, doesn't detect pedestrians.


Since even the threat of serious injury or death isn't enough to keep people engrossed in their phones from walking out into traffic, General Motors is developing a new pedestrian safety technology that will sense the phone itself. Using Wi-Fi Direct, a peer-to-peer wireless standard that's like a medium-range Bluetooth, a car would be able to detect a smartphone directly and alert the driver in time to avoid kneecapping the pedestrian.

Volvo V60 Pedestrian Detection test failures – Click above to watch the videos

ECTunes equipped vehicle – Click above to watch video after the jump

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