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The issue of whether or not noise should be added to electric vehicles (EVs) always seems to elicit a heated discussion. On one side of the argument, blind advocacy groups push for added noises because they believe that without an alert system, near-silent EVs present an added risk. On the flip side, there's a slew of advocates who firmly believe that adding sound to EVs creates unnecessary noise pollution. The arguments from both sides aren't likely to die down, but ECTunes, a small company based in Horsens, Denmark, believes it has developed a solution that could please those who demand noiseless cars, while also satisfying safety concerns.

ECTunes is developing a system that utilizes directional sound equipment to emit noise when and where it's needed. According to the company, its technology sends audible signals only in the direction of travel, thus allowing the vehicle to be heard by those who may be in the cars path, without disturbing others with unwelcome noise. Energi Horsens, a Danish firm, strongly believes in the directional sound system and has provided a significant investment to help ECTunes fully develop its technology. Ulrik Kragh, chairman of the board at Energi Horsens, issued this statement, which outlines the advantages of the ECTunes system:
With this technology, the positive and relaxing advantages of noiseless cars are sustained while the challenges of the silence are being met. This is the solution to the potential dangerous situations caused by noiseless cars and we see an even greater need for this solution as more and more electric and hybrid vehicles are entering the roads.
We could go into great detail about the benefits of the directional sound system developed by ECTunes, but hearing it in use will prove much more beneficial. On that note, we encourage you to hit the jump to experience the sounds of the ECTunes system.

[Source: PluginCars]

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