• What It Is and How It Works
    • Image Credit: Volvo

    What It Is and How It Works

    AKA: Automated Emergency Braking System


    Pedestrian Detection Warning combined with Collision Mitigated Braking System.


    Like Pedestrian Detection Warning, Pedestrian Detection and Avoidance uses cameras, radar, laser or any combination thereof to scan the road ahead and roadsides for hazards. If it detects a pedestrian, cyclist, whatever, the system warns the driver. Unlike Pedestrian Detection Warning, if the driver doesn’t take action fast enough, Pedestrian Detection and Avoidance brings the car to a full-stop before any blood is spilled. Some systems can even steer the car around the object to help prevent the driver from colliding with someone or something. 

  • Buick
    • Image Credit: Marc-André Gauthier / Autoblog Québec


    • Encore, 1SN
  • Hyundai
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips


    • 2017 Elantra Limited (optional)
    • Veloster (optional)
    • Veloster Turbo (optional)
    • Tucson Limited (optional)
  • Mercedes
    • Image Credit: Autoblog Quebec


  • E400 Coupe (optional)
  • E550 Coupe (optional)
  • CLS 400 (optional)
  • CLS 550 Coupe (optional)
  • AMG CLS63 S Coupe (optional)
  • S550 Coupe (optional)
  • AMG S63 Coupe (optional)
  • AMG S65 Coupe (optional)
  • C300 (optional)
  • C450 AMG Sedan (optional)
  • AMG C63 (optional)
  • AMG C63 S (optional)
  • E250 Sedan (optional)
  • E350 (optional)
  • E400 (optional)
  • AMG E63 S (optional)
  • S550 Sedan (optional)
  • S550e Sedan (optional)
  • S600 Sedan
  • AMG S63 (optional)
  • AMG S65
  • Maybach S600 Sedan
  • GLC 300 SUV (optional)
  • GLE 300d SUV (optional)
  • GLE 350 (optional)
  • GLE 400 (optional)
  • AMG GLE63 (optional)
  • AMG GLE63 S (optional)
  • GLE 450 AMG Coupe (optional)
  • AMG GL63
  • E400 Cabriolet (optional)
  • E550 cabriolet (optional)
  • Volvo
    • Image Credit: Copyright 2015 Seyth Miersma / AOL


  • S60 T5 Drive E (optional)
  • S60 T5 Drive E Premier (optional)
  • S60 T5 AWD (optional)
  • S60 T5 AWD Premier (optional)
  • S60 Drive E Inscription Premier (optional)
  • S60 Drive E Inscription Platinum
  • S60 T5 AWD Inscription Premier (optional)
  • S60 T5 AWD Inscription Platinum
  • S60 T6 Drive E (optional)
  • S60 T6 Drive E Platinum
  • S60 T6 AWD R-Design (optional)
  • S60 T6 AWD R-Design Platinum
  • S80 Premium (optional)
  • S80 Platinum
  • V60 Drive E (optional)
  • V60 Drive E Premier (optional)
  • V60 Drive E Platinum
  • V60 Cross Country T5 AWD (optional)
  • V60 Cross Country T5 AWD Platinum
  • XC60 Drive E (optional)
  • XC60 Drive E, Premier (optional)
  • XC60 Drive E Platinum
  • XC60 T5 AWD (optional)
  • XC60 T5 AWD Premier (optional)
  • XC60 T5 AWD Platinum
  • XC60 T6 Drive E (optional)
  • XC60 T6 Drive E Platinum
  • XC60 T6 AWD (optional)
  • XC60 T6 AWD Platinum
  • XC60 T6 AWD R-Design (optional)
  • XC60 T6 AWD R-Design Platinum
  • XC90 T6 AWD Momentum
  • XC90 T6 AWD Inscription
  • XC90 T6 AWD R-Design
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