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Nissan shows Frontier-based Sentinel concept truck in Brazil

Frontier Sentinel has Leaf batteries and a landing pad for drones

The Frontier Sentinel has Leaf batteries and a landing pad for drones.

Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept is coming to explore the galaxies

The truck was co-developed with the European Space Agency

The truck was co-developed with the European Space Agency.

Xterra minus X and U.S. equals Nissan Terra SUV

The body-on-frame SUV will only be offered in Asia.

We wouldn't mind it coming to America.

Could Nissan offer U.S. a Ranger Raptor-fighting Frontier?

It starts with Australia's Nissan Navara and could work its way here

Nissan plans to study the case for a racy off-road version of the Navara pickup, in the vein of the Ford Ranger Raptor. That could lead to a hot Frontier for the U.S.

The Nissan EnGuard is the coolest rescue truck you'll see today

With battery packs, oxygen tanks, and a drone, this pickup is ready for anything.

Nissan shows off its approach to sustainable emergency vehicles.

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This Nissan Navara-based SUV could be the next Xterra, but isn't

Yes, the Frontier shares the same platform. No, it won't come to the US.

We're not even getting a new Frontier soon, let alone a resurrected SUV from the same platform.

The Nissan Navara-R is an aftermarket GT-R pickup

The Nissan Juke-R is cool, but what if you want to haul a couch at 190 miles per hour? Then you'll want this GT-R-powered Navara pickup truck.

Mercedes, Renault-Nissan to work together on truck project

Renault-Nissan and Mercedes-Benz will officially partner on the German brand's midsize pickup project. Nissan will allow Mercedes to re-engineer the underpinnings from the NP300 Navarra to create the German brand's own model.

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2014 Nissan Frontier Diesel Mule [w/poll]

Intriguing Engineering Exercise Might Portend 2019 Production Model

Last August, Nissan shook the truck world when it officially announced plans to source a diesel option from Cummins for its long-overdue Titan replacement, its full-size pickup that's slated to drop this January at the Detroit Auto Show. The 5.0-liter V8 turbodiesel is expected to make somewhere around 300 horsepower and north of 500 pound-f

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Are you the next Nissan Frontier?

A reader of the Phillippine site Autoindustriya.com sent in what appear to be naked spy photos of the pickup that Nissan recently teased first in photo then in vid

Nissan starts selling CNG-powered Navara in Thailand

US production of natural-gas vehicles is nothing new (Ford just announced a CNG F-150 today), it's not a huge market segment here. Nissan is banking on some pretty steady demand in Thailand, though, where the Japanese automaker is introducing a compressed natural g