If you're looking at the photo up top and thinking, "Hey, that engine looks familiar," we're pleased to tell you that yes, it has been borrowed from a GT-R. This is a Nissan GT-R-powered pickup truck.

Unlike the Nissan Juke R, this crazy Navara is not a product of Nissan, but a British tuning house. Severn Valley Motorsport, in Shropshire, near Birmingham, England, married the unlikely engine and body and boosting the former up to 800 horsepower along the way. This particular example isn't for sale, but as Top Gear tells it, it's a demonstration of what SVM is capable of.

There's a broad swath of performance available in a modded Navara. The company can drop engines ranging from 550 to a silly 1,500 horsepower under the hood, although the smart money will go for the priciest option. Estimated to cost around 175,000 pounds before VAT (about $251,000 at today's rates), SVM will actually take a Navara's body and drop it on a GT-R chassis. That's perfect if you like the madness of the Juke R but need to haul the occasional couch in the 5.8-foot long bed. And if that's not mad enough, SVM says it can and will go even farther (if, we're guessing, you have the coin).

"Anything is possible," SVM's Luke Anthony told Top Gear. "We are open to the craziest of ideas."

That's exactly what we want to hear when it comes to tuning pickups.

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