Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept is coming to explore the galaxies

The truck was co-developed with the European Space Agency

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Nissan brought a cool concept truck to Germany's Hannover Motor Show called the Navara Dark Sky Concept. The truck was made in collaboration with the European Space Agency to tow a special trailer carrying a telescope module off-road. For those wondering, the Navara is a truck sold by Nissan overseas, similar to our Frontier.

Big knobby tires were chosen for both the truck and trailer in this case. It also has a light bar and discretely integrated winch to help it escape anywhere it goes. Lowering light pollution around the telescope for better viewing was key, so Nissan integrated special red lighting — this kind of lighting is supposed to be the least disruptive to night vision. An upgraded Nissan ProPilot Assist system helps it perform better off-road too. The truck can now scan surrounding terrain for an ideal trailer parking spot and align the hitch with the trailer too.

In general the Navara looks pretty similar to its production version, but the coolest thing here is the trailer. The telescope that it tows is incredibly powerful and capable of viewing distant galaxies. It's powered by a Nissan Leaf battery pack too — some nice technology sharing there. Check the truck out; it's a pretty cool-looking off-roader.

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