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Uber sues New York City over cruising and licensing caps

City says the cap is 'not only legal, it will bring needed relief to congested streets and hardworking drivers'

Uber Technologies Inc sued New York City on Friday, seeking to void a new rule limiting how much time its drivers can spend cruising streets in busy areas of Manhattan without passengers, saying it threatens to undermine the company's ride-sharing model. In a filing in New York state court in Manhattan, Uber also sought to void a rule banning the issuance of new licenses to for-hire vehicles through August 2020.

Profound New Designs Imagine Penn Station As The Building Of The Future

While New York's Penn Station certainly doesn't look like a modern building now, it soon could be the building of the future.

As Cities Add Bike-Friendly Lanes, Police On Lookout For Road Rage Incidents

Motorist sparks debate with photo of helmet less cyclist on highway

We all know about road rage when the incident involves motorist versus motorist. But there are increasing incidents of road rage motorist against bicyclists.

DNA truck roaming NYC asks "Who's Your Daddy?"

With food trucks becoming commonplace, we suppose it was inevitable that someone put a DNA testing lab on wheels.

In Detail: Study Abroad

A successful study abroad program means going overseas, learning from the locals, and bringing the lessons back home. We've been all over the world in search of the latest in transportation tech and we saw some things that might be beneficial here is the States. Let's take a look at a few of these worldly ideas and see if any lessons could be applied back home.

TRANSLOGIC's Guide To The New York Auto Show 2012

This year's New York Auto Show brought many new cars out of their secret design studios and into view, most for the very first time. The Viper returned and the Delorean Electric was priced, but below are the entries that caught our eyes most.

i MiEV on iTunes in HD

Whilst some of us were hobnobbing about L.A. and driving a Tesla Roadster, others of us at ABG had to content ourselves with watching the Mitsubishi i MiEV drive around of New York city via a free download from iTunes. The fact that it was available in high definition (HD), as well as standard definition (SD), helped soothe the soul slightly. Of course it's not the same as actually drivin

NYC hybrid taxis double in a year. Guess which is the most popular?

Since it was decided that the entire fleet of taxis in New York City should become hybrids by 2012 less than a year ago, the number of hybrid hacks has doubled. If the city can achieve that same 200 percent increase every year it will achieve the goal. Out of 13,150 taxi medallions 1020 (just under 8 percent) of them are hybrids toda

VIDEO: Holy holograph! Lexus ad stops foot traffic in NYC

Holographs have certainly come a long way and you just have to see this Lexus ad to believe it. The company Vizoo is responsible for its creation and has quite a few other non-automotive holographic projectors out there as well. You'll find them quick enough if you click around YouTube for a bit. This particular one is an interactive display for Lexus that allows users to select models and colors before beaming them into the indoor space for a 360-degree walkar

Photos from Audi's parade on Park Avenue

UPDATE: Photos added from Neal M. and dc, play-by-play account from Ahmed

Charger fitted for NYPD uniform

You may remember a post awhile back on the NYPD agreeing to buy a fleet of 15 Chargers, five V6 models and ten with the HEMI V8, for a pilot program set to commence this summer. Well here are snaps of the first one outfitted for duty mere moments after the decals were applied.