This year's New York Auto Show brought many new cars out of their secret design studios and into view, most for the very first time. The Viper returned and the Delorean Electric was priced, but below are the entries that caught our eyes most. Infiniti LE


This exotic looking car is best known as Infiniti's version of the Leaf. It portends Infiniti's direction when it comes to EVs and surely looks futuristic. We have a hard time believing that a production model would closely mirror the undulating lines of this concept's exterior, but the interior strikes us as more realistic. The inside of LE looks a lot like the Leaf, but adds more upscale materials.

Powering the LE is a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery containing 192 cells, packaged in the car's floor. A 100 kw electric motor--more powerful than Leaf--is apparently being considered for this model. Performance specs for LE read 134 hp and 240 lb-ft or torque, which is available at 0 rpm. Range is said to be 100 miles, gaining from the lower drag coefficient of it's unique, flowing design.

Nissan NV200


Nissan's NV200 is the cab of the future, as selected by New York City. NV200's design was guided by specifications set by the city to improve space and fuel efficiency.

Nissan had passenger comfort and convenience in mind as well. Sliding doors will make it easier to enter and exit the taxi curbside, and a level load floor--read: no center tunnel--will offer a less cramped interior space.

There is a decent amount of tech to speak of. The taxi sign at the top is only lit up when the taxi is available, marking an end to the confusion when trying to flag down a cab. Also on the sign are horn accountability lights that illuminate when cabbies are sounding off too often in traffic. This makes it easy to spot the jerk who has been holding down the horn for the past 2 miles.

NV200 is powered by a 2-liter I4 that is meant for efficiency, though no hybrid or electric version has been announced. Also, the NV200 operates on FWD making it safer when the snow starts falling. And for folks looking to take in the sights, passengers can gaze up through the panoramic roof--a must have for viewing the skyscrapers. And for the rest of the ride, passengers can charge up a cell phone or other electronic device using the onboard USB chargers.

Fisker Atlantic

Previously known as the Fisker Nina, Atlantic is the second, smaller model to debut from Fisker. A lot of the details are still withheld, but we do know it will be an extended-range electric, just like it's big brother, the Karma.

Much of Atlantic's design comes from the Karma, but the rear marks the most differentiation. The proportions are tighter, but still exotic, and there appears to be a much greater use of polygons both inside and out.

Henrik Fisker delivered the unveiling of Atlantic and said that pricing should be around that of a higher-end BMW 3-series or a Audi A5--around $50,000 in our estimation. Not bad. Fisker also says that this car will go into production the way it looked on stage, because Fisker doesn't make show cars. This holds true to their approach with the Karma.

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