VIDEO: Holy holograph! Lexus ad stops foot traffic in NYC

Holographs have certainly come a long way and you just have to see this Lexus ad to believe it. The company Vizoo is responsible for its creation and has quite a few other non-automotive holographic projectors out there as well. You'll find them quick enough if you click around YouTube for a bit. This particular one is an interactive display for Lexus that allows users to select models and colors before beaming them into the indoor space for a 360-degree walkaround of the lifesize virtual vehicle. It's so realistic that the shop is drawing too big of a crowd for its own good. Police can be seen in the video asking people to move along. The old, "there's nothing to see here" line just doesn't hold water in this case though.

The full clip showing the crowd and parts of the ad is after the jump. There's also a video showing ViZoo's 3D floating video image technology in action.

[Source: Fresh Creation]

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

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