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Faraday Future calls it quits in Nevada for now, focuses on FF91 production

The company still owns land in the state.

Faraday Future gives up on its Nevada factory but says it's still focused on bringing a vehicle to market in 2018.

Hyperloop One shows off Nevada test site; public trial soon

500-meter section of tube has been built outside Las Vegas.

The "DevLoop" test track is big enough for passengers.

Tesla to announce four more Gigafactory plants by end of year

No locations specified beyond New York solar plant.

Tesla is planning to convert the old Solar City plant in New York to Gigafactory 2 and will add three more plants worldwide.

Act Surprised: Faraday Future drastically shrinks factory plans in North Las Vegas

The startup automaker still hopes its FF91 is out by the end of next year.

Faraday Future had planned to build a Nevada factory at about three million square feet, but is now setting up a plant at about a quarter of that size.

Drone footage shows Tesla's Gigafactory taking shape

Fresh footage shot with a DJI Phantom 3 drone in 4K shows how far Tesla's Gigafactory has progressed.

Faraday Future delays EV production plant in Nevada

"It will be a long while before there is a production car. If CES goes badly, it's all over."

Work at Faraday Future's factory construction site has reportedly stopped

The electric car start-up has been tens of millions behind.

Construction company AECOM says the factory's foundations have been prepared.

Is Faraday Future dragging on $46 million worth of construction payments?

Work will not stop, though, AECOM says.

Faraday Future once received $215 million in incentives from Nevada.

Someday, Faraday Future wants to invite you to see your EV being built

AECOM isn't just for the Hyperloop any more, will build Faraday Future's $1B factory

Golden tickets (probably) not required.

Tesla preps for Gigafactory grand opening in Nevada tonight

Tesla's first battery packs from the plant will be for energy storage, then for vehicles.

So much news, and the event hasn't even happened yet.

Nevada treasurer raises questions about Faraday Future

Nevada's Schwartz says Faraday Future's factory plan has red flags.

Nevada treasurer says Faraday Future's financial backing may amount to a risky bet.

Passenger drone gets permission for US flight tests

The EHang 184 can carry one human for trips as long as 23 minutes.

You could soon see the EHang 184 flying over Nevada.

Musk, Buffett engage in Battle Royale for Nevada utilities

And this time, it's not just Buffett's BYD vs. Musk's Tesla.

Elon Musk and Warren Buffett are fighting over market share in Nevada's utilities market.

Tesla Autopilot disabled by giant moth in Nevada desert

Mothra wanted for questioning.

A lot of strange things can happen on a lonely stretch of desert highway–U.F.O. sightings, ghostly hitchhikers, swarms of bloodthirsty bats–and now it looks like we can add giant moth attacks to the list.

Hyperloop One shows off its high-speed propulsion system

Yes, that's fast.

The first public test of Hyperloop One's upcoming pod-based transportation system took place in Nevada today.

Tesla looking for new lithium suppliers for Model 3, Gigafactory

Tesla's supply costs could surge as lithium demand doubles by 2020.

Tesla Motors may be enlisting more firms to complement Panasonic's efforts to meet lithium-ion battery demand.

Faraday Future makes big promises at Nevada groundbreaking

Governor hearts this electric future.

Faraday Future breaks ground for its upcoming $1 billion electric vehicle factory, and it's smiles all around.

Faraday Future vows to buy Nevada bonds to back factory infrastructure

Rail, water service would be secured by electric-vehicle maker Faraday Future's bonds, deposit.

Faraday Future will purchase Nevada bonds to secure build out of factory's infrastructure near Las Vegas.

Faraday Future gets first US patent for power inverter

EV maker Faraday Future complements concept vehicle with improved component.

Electric-vehicle startup Faraday Future says its power inverter is cheaper, more powerful.

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