If anyone is still skeptical that Faraday Future is serious about making a splash in the plug-in vehicle world, look no further than North Las Vegas, Nevada. That's where FF will put its $1-billion electric car factory. We just learned that the company that will actually build the plant is AECOM. Of course, the 1,000th US employee was also a pretty good sign that FF is not just going through the motions.

AECOM is a giant, multinational company that operates in over 150 countries. In the green car world, it's perhaps best known for building the one-mile Hyperloop track at SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles and other Hyperloop projects. For the Faraday Future plant, AECOM is planning to install, "elements designed for sustainability and harmonization with Nevada's natural surroundings" and use solar panels on the roof, energy-efficient heating and cooling, and other sustainable efforts.

As for the actual vehicles that Faraday will be building in Nevada, we keep learning new tidbits here and there. The company claims that it will have the "highest energy destiny" battery, which should provide non-range-anxiety miles on a full charge. Once the plant is up and running, FF plans to offer guided tours, "with integrated viewing platforms and purposeful designs allowing for visibility to vehicles during the assembly process from a safe vantage point." In other words, the secretive EV company plants to not be so secretive forever.

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