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Aston Martin find unique way to recycle scraps of leather

Aston Martin recreated the image of a Vanquish entirely out of scraps of leather from the upholstery workshop. The finished product is perhaps the most stunning exercise in recycling that we've ever seen.

Tesla worked with PETA on synthetic leather for Model X

You Can Also Special Order A Vegan Model S

Thanks to PETA, Tesla will make synthetic leather an option for the Model X. You'll still need to jump through hoops to keep animals out of your Model S.

Vegan car shoppers try to steer clear of leather

Tesla Shareholders Get A Model S Without Leather

Tesla Motors shareholders Mark Peters and Elizabeth Farrell Peters asked for a Model S without leather, and got one.

Why it takes mad origami skills to work as a Lexus upholsterer

Lexus sets high standards for the craftsmen behind the interior of the 2013 ES 350. Automotive News reports those responsible for stitching the leather on the sedan's instrument panel must first pass a simple test. Given a blank piece of paper, the applicants must construct an origami cat's head. No big deal, right? Not exactly. Lexus makes each worker fold the piece using one hand, wh

Cheeky Brits remind us it's always better in leather

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned double entendre? According to the good folks at Wikipedia, a double entendre is a figure of speech in which a spoken phrase is devised to be understood in either of two ways. Often the first (more obvious) meaning is straightforward, while the second meaning is less so: often risqué or ironic.

Ferrari's leathercrafters make a carbon fiber briefcase

If you're going to drop six figures on a new supercar, you're not going to put just any old piece of luggage in that tiny trunk, are you? Of course not. That's why Ferrari turned to Schedoni. The 125-year-old Italian leather-crafters makes all the fitted luggage for Ferrari roadcars. They even make that little pad at the back of the Scuderia's F1 cockpit to keep Felipe and Kimi's helmets from knocking against the c

Lotus plans to recycle its unused leather

Usually, when Lotus appears on the pages of AutoblogGreen, the story has to do with the engineering work that the storied British company does, either for itself or for other automakers -- including one of our personal faves, Tesla Motors. In fact, Lotus' battle cry since its inception has been to "add lightness" to all of its vehicles, which not only improves performance but also adds a distinct shade of green in the process. Now we

Alcantara covering more domestics next year

Apparently swathing the dash of a Ferrari or the headliner of a Noble wasn't enough for the sellers of Alcantara leather around the world. The suede-like leather product that has until now been reserved for exotics and upper end cars is going to be find its way into Chryslers, Cadillacs and even Mercury Mariners. As Dave from Kicking Tires notes, the grippy material probably won't seem out of place in the Chrysler SRT models or Cadillac's V series, but the Mariner seems a stretch.