Lotus plans to recycle its unused leather

Usually, when Lotus appears on the pages of AutoblogGreen, the story has to do with the engineering work that the storied British company does, either for itself or for other automakers -- including one of our personal faves, Tesla Motors. In fact, Lotus' battle cry since its inception has been to "add lightness" to all of its vehicles, which not only improves performance but also adds a distinct shade of green in the process. Now we learn that Lotus has more subtle greenery up its sleeves. The U.K. company will be collecting all of the scrap leather which goes unused after the creation of its various sportscars. The scraps will be sent away to another U.K. factory which produces leather work gloves. Sure, this little nugget of knowledge isn't nearly as cool as a new electric sportscar or anything, but, as we're sure you'd agree, every little bit counts.
[Source: Autocar (print edition) via Winding Road]

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