If you're going to drop six figures on a new supercar, you're not going to put just any old piece of luggage in that tiny trunk, are you? Of course not. That's why Ferrari turned to Schedoni. The 125-year-old Italian leather-crafters makes all the fitted luggage for Ferrari roadcars. They even make that little pad at the back of the Scuderia's F1 cockpit to keep Felipe and Kimi's helmets from knocking against the carbon fiber as they speed around the circuit. But that's not the only interaction Schedoni has with the lightweight exotic material.

This carbon fiber briefcase is crafted from the choicest material and painstakingly baked to perfection like a frat-boy in Amsterdam. Schedoni then works its magic, lining the case with the finest tanned suede and leather trim. Of course it don't come cheap, retailing for $4,400. They offer a carbon fiber backgammon board with titanium pieces for $5,800. Seems ridiculously extravagant to us, but when you've got the cash to spare, why not lighten up a little?

[Source: Carbon Fiber Gear]

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