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Tesla settles Model S P85D horsepower lawsuit in Norway

This time, 467 and 224 don't add up to 691.

Owners can get money or vehicle upgrades.

Hyperloop One settles lawsuit with former employees

Not that things look particularly easy moving forward...

Musk impersonator seeks dismissal of "goofy" email lawsuit

Todd Katz says nobody could have possibly believed he was Elon Musk when he pretended to be Elon Musk.

What's goofier, Katz's email or the request to have the suit thrown out?

Norway Tesla owners unhappy with power-disclosure settlement

Norwegian EV drivers file claim against Tesla in an Oslo court.

Tesla drivers say the $6,000 payoff isn't enough, while Tesla says it's been accurate with horsepower figures.

Tesla sues Michigan Gov. Snyder and others over direct sales

The multi-year battle between Tesla and Michigan rages on.

California automaker is fed up with laws prohibiting its direct sales model.

Tesla shareholders sue over SolarCity deal

Automaker says claim is 'without merit.'

Tesla announced the $2.6 billion buyout of SolarCity in August. Not everyone is happy.

Michael Schumacher's family sues German magazine over health claims

Bunte falsely stated that Schumacher had recovered enough to walk after his skiing accident.

Two years after his accident, Schumacher still can't walk.

Uber will pay riders $384,000 due to its misleading tip policy

Turns out Uber drivers weren't getting all of their automatic tips.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk allegedly impersonated by oil exec in email

Tesla is suing Quest Integrity CFO Todd Katz for attempting to obtain confidential information.

Apparently, sending an email from elontesla@yahoo.com was enough to raise a few red flags.

Lindsay Lohan's 'GTA V' suit against Rockstar Games dismissed

The actress had long claimed her likeness was used without her permission for the 'Lacey Jonas' character in-game.

A court decides the developers of a game about stealing didn't steal Lindsey Lohan's likeness.

Just what Hyperloop One needed: true lawsuit craziness

There could have been a Hyperloop Two.

If you like salacious court filings and have heard of Hyperloop One, you're gonna love this.

VW agrees to settle with dealers over diesel scandal

Dealers will finally get compensated for the cars they weren't allowed to sell.

We talk with the lawyer holding VW's stinky diesel feet to the fire

'If there's an unfixable car, there's no deal.'

If you care about the VW diesel settlement with the EPA and CARB, you're gonna want to read this.

Lawsuit against Skully co-founders claims brothers blew funding

The money went towards exotic cars, strippers, and personal bills, among other things.

VW tries to lighten its legal load by getting case dismissed in California

It's only one among many, though.

VW's legal logic says Californians should be suing in German court.

Anton Yelchin's family suing FCA over the actor's death

The actor was killed in May when his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled away and pinned him between a gate and a brick pillar.

German state sues Volkswagen over diesel scandal fallout

Bavaria wants some of its lost money back.

The Bavarians are not pleased.

FCA explains, updates sales reporting in wake of investigation

FCA revises previous monthly sales numbers based on new reporting system.

VW's $14.7-billion settlement gets preliminary approval from judge

Owners can expect to get official notices soon.

This isn't over yet, but it's one step closer now.

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