Just what Hyperloop One needed: true lawsuit craziness

There could have been a Hyperloop Two.

In better times, they'd stand in the sunny desert and shake hands while they hyped up Hyperloop One. Like, well, in the picture above, from May 2016. From left to right, that's co-founder and executive chairman Shervin Pishevar, CEO Rob Lloyd, and co-founder and CTO Brogan BamBrogan. Today, things are not so friendly.

In July, BamBrogan left Hyperloop One amid a little bit of controversy. But things have really heated up, as a new filing ( PDF) in the lawsuit between BamBrogan and three colleagues against Pishevar shows. WIRED reports that the company is calling BamBrogan and his colleagues the "gang of four," and says they "orchestrated a coordinated attempted coup to seize majority control of the Company, and in case that failed, to launch a venture to compete with and destroy the Company." Hyperloop One's filing also calls BamBrogan, "increasingly erratic" and "a slightly below average engineer who failed to disclose to the Company that the last project he worked on for his previous employer had failed."

The lawsuit also says that the gang created, "a fake Twitter account as part of this fraudulent and manipulative smear campaign, through which they tweeted and retweeted disparaging statements about the Company and its principals thousands of times. To this day, the Gang continues to reach out to reporters and provide them with categorically false information about the Company and the Gang's efforts to destroy it in the hope of extracting a settlement." According to WIRED, that fake Twitter account is "Real Shervin." It has one Tweet and 5,000 (!) retweets:
In dueling statements, lawyers for the two sides are sniping at each other. Hyperloop One's lawyer told WIRED, "Their plot has been exposed. We will hold them responsible for their conspiracy and lies, as Hyperloop One continues to prosper as a better company without their destructive behavior." BamBrogan's lawyer called the new filing attacking BamBrogan, "nothing more than a thinly veiled publicity stunt. It contains nothing new of substance from the cross complaint filed by the company in July and is equally deficient as that one. We are confident the allegations and assertions will be proven false in court."

It will continue to be a public battle, that's for sure.

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