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Legs dangling from car trunk were the first clue something was amiss

Stabbed and bleeding man escapes as kidnappers try to shut the lid.

Stabbed and bleeding man escapes as kidnappers try to shut the lid.

Watch: Kidnapped woman escapes from trunk of moving car

This is why trunks are designed to open from the inside.

The brave woman managed to open the trunk and escape.

Brazilian police free Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law

Mr. Ecclestone and his wife can rest easy once again.

Car thieves accidentally kidnap boy, drop him off at school

A woman in Virginia experienced a mother's worst nightmare when her car was stolen with her young son inside.

Kidnappers are posing as Uber drivers

Over the past month, there have been two incidents of pretend Uber drivers nearly kidnapping unsuspecting women.

Captive Goodyear Bosses Holed Up At French Site

Plant's director and human resources chief held by workers over plant closing

Two Goodyear bosses held captive by workers spent the night inside a factory in northern France that the company wants to close.

French unions try a new negotiating tactic: kidnapping

Parts suppliers are experiencing just as much trouble as the automakers they supply. Employees at one company, though, have taken a tip from Somali pirates and upped the anger stakes. When Faurecia felt it had been wronged by Chrysler, it took Chrysler to court. When Faurecia's employees in France felt they had been wronged by the company they work for, they kidnapped three managers for five hours