Witnesses thought something was not quite right when they saw a man's legs hanging out of the trunk of a car last week in Sale Moor, England, in the Manchester area. This hunch was confirmed when the car's occupants tried to shove the legs back into the trunk and shut the lid, while the bloodied and stabbed man in the trunk used those legs to get the hell out of there.

Police say the man was assaulted, stabbed and kidnapped, according to the Manchester Evening News. The motive is unclear, but he wound up in the trunk, or the boot, as they say over there. Witnesses say they saw his legs appear out of the trunk of the black VW Passat as it was speeding down a road. The newspaper said the man struggled "for some distance" to get out.

One of the witnesses worked for a building company, whose spokesman said: "One of our workers was dropping some tools off. A car has gone past him on the wrong side of the road with a pair of legs hanging out of the back of the boot.

"The car has stopped in front of him. A person came out and tried to slam the boot door down.
"After a bit of a scuffle the lad managed to get out, he looked in a bad way.

"Our lad stayed and called the emergency services. On the other side of the road there was a care home and all the staff came rushing out."

And the kidnappers fled. The nursing-home staff provided first aid until emergency workers arrived, and the victim was reported in stable condition at a hospital.

You may remember a similar case back in March: An Alabama nursing student whose escape from the trunk of her car and from her kidnappers was captured on security video. Serious stuff. On the flip side, there are the cases where Tesla owners have been mistakenly , only to have the authorities discover they're in rear-facing child seats.

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