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U.S. auto sales seen falling 1% in December, say J.D. Power, LMC

It's the sixth straight month of slowing sales

It's the sixth straight month of slowing sales.

U.S. June auto sales seen up 2.5%, say J.D. Power and LMC

Truck, SUV and crossover sales remain strong

Truck, SUV and crossover sales remain strong.

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How to test for a new-car infotainment system you can live with

Here's a car-shopping checklist of infotainment functions to test

Here's a quick checklist of infotainment functions to test and questions to ask when new-car shopping.

J.D. Power dependability survey is out, but you shouldn't depend on it

Subaru ranks 26th? Does that make sense to you?

There seems to be a problem with J.D. Power's methodology.

In Chinese purchase of J.D. Power, backers and motives remain a mystery

What are the sources of the money, and what does Xio Group plan to do with Powers?

Chinese private equity firm XIO Group bought JD Power and Associates in 2016. Two years later, no one has any idea about Xio, nor its plans for JD Power.

These are the automakers that owners say they like the most

J.D. Power releases its findings regarding the cars and brands owners most enjoy after 90 days of owning or leasing a manufacturer's vehicle.

Car buyers aren’t thrilled about semi-autonomous features

JD Power's latest research into the likes and dislikes of car owners has two big takeaways.

The younger you are, the more likely you are to trust autonomous cars

39 percent of Baby Boomers want self-driving cars off their lawn.

All but 11 percent of Generation Z customers say they trust self-driving technology.

JD Power releases its annual dependability study

These were the most dependable cars in this year's JD Power Dependability Study. Porsche and Lexus tied for first.

BMW, Hyundai score big in JD Power's first Tech Experience Index

The Chevrolet Camaro, Kia Forte, and Nissan Maxima also earned awards.

Porsche tops JD Power APEAL study for 12th time

Luxury brands continue to reign supreme.

Kia overtakes Porsche in JD Power Initial Quality

Kia has beat out every other automaker and topped the list for the first time.

Why you should question J.D. Power's Vehicle Dependability Study

Because not all vehicle faults should be measured equally.

J.D. Power had rereleased the results of its 2016 Vehicle Dependability Study, complete with a fancy infographic. Sadly, the study is still misleading.

Millennials trust autonomous-driving features more than older consumers

Millennials want their cameras, sensors, lane-change assist.

Younger drivers have more faith in self-driving features than older counterparts, J.D. Power study says.

J.D. Power needs to rethink its Vehicle Dependability Study

A poor Bluetooth pairing procedure is not the same as a blown engine.

J.D. Power's 2016 Vehicle Dependability Study suggests that cars are getting less reliable. Here's the problem: That's not true.

J.D. Power study finds Millennials love rental cars

J.D. Power's latest North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study finds that enthusiasm among Millennials boosts the ratings of the whole industry. Enterprise grabs the title as the best company for the second year in a row.

Motorists actually don't like a lot of new in-car technology

New J.D. Power Research Shows Which Features Go Unused

Automakers spending an inordinate amount of resources and time rushing emerging technology and connectivity options into new cars. A new survey shows a lot of customers don't want them.

Porsche, Jaguar continue dominance in 2015 JD Power APEAL study

JD Power's latest APEAL Study hasn't changed much on the premium side, although Mini is the new champ for non-premium brands, besting Hyundai.

What do J.D. Power's quality ratings really measure?

We revisit J.D. Power's Initial Quality Study and analyze what it really means.

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